Confronting  Stage 4 Vulvar Cancer: Navigating Treatment and Hope

Empowering Through Stage 4 Vulvar Cancer: Navigating the Journey with a Cancer Coach like Madhavi Parikh

What Is Vulvar Cancer?


Vulvar cancer, rare but serious, affects the external female genitalia. It manifests as lumps, sores, itching, pain, or bleeding.

I: Small tumor confined to vulva.  II: Tumor larger, may involve nearby tissues.  III: Spread to lymph nodes or nearby structures.   IV: Advanced, spread to distant organs.

Stages Of Vulvar Cancer

Rate of Stage 4 Vulvar Cancer

Vulvar Cancer has lower survival rates due to advanced spread. Survival varies based on health, spread, and treatment efficacy.

How Is Stage 4 Vulvar Cancer Typically Treated?

Surgery Radiation Therapy Chemotherapy Targeted Therapy Palliative Care

Survival Strategies for Stage 4 Vulvar Cancer

Surviving Stage IV Vulvar Cancer entails holistic care: medical treatments, emotional support, lifestyle changes, and maintaining hope.

The Role Of Cancer Coach In Vulvar Cancer Care

- Emotional Support - Information -  Lifestyle - Communication

Madhavi Parikh supports  Vulvar Cancer journey

Madhavi Parikh, cancer coach, supports Stage IV Vulvar Cancer patients with empathy, education, personalized wellness plans, advocacy, and empowerment.


Madhavi Parikh, a skilled cancer coach, offers hope and empowerment for Stage 4 Vulvar Cancer patients, addressing various needs.