Navigating the Journey: 12 Things To Do Following A Cancer Diagnosis


Facing a cancer diagnosis brings immense challenges—physical, emotional, financial. Understanding the process and reasons behind its fear is crucial.

12 Steps After a Cancer Diagnosis

Learn about your cancer type, treatments, and prognosis. Discuss with your doctor for informed decisions.

Understand the Diagnosis

Meet with specialists for treatment options. Consider a second opinion for accuracy. Personalized care is key.

2. Consult with Specialists

Work with your healthcare team on a treatment plan: surgery, chemo, radiation, etc. Discuss options and consider clinical trials.

3. Investigate Treatment Options

Stay organized: record, appointments, treatments. Keep open communication with healthcare team for better outcomes.

4. Establish Open Communication

Prioritize nutrition and exercise during cancer treatment for immune support, recovery, and well-being.

5. Prioritize Physical Well-Being with Diet & Exercise

Prioritize mental health alongside physical well-being during cancer treatment. Seek support, practice self-care, find joy.

6. Attend to Mental & Emotional Health

Ease stress by addressing financial concerns early in cancer treatment. Explore assistance programs, insurance options, and resources.

7. Address & Optimize Finances

Utilize supportive services like physical therapy, palliative care, and pain management to enhance quality of life and treatment outcomes.

8. Connect with Supportive Services

Consider complementary treatments like acupuncture, massage, and meditation to manage side effects and enhance well-being during treatment.

9. Explore & Practice CAM

Prioritize self-care to recharge: silence, walks, music, gardening, naps, or simply doing nothing!

10. Establish a Self-Care Routine

Rely on your support network for emotional and practical help. Reduce stress with meditation, yoga, or hobbies you enjoy.

11. Reach out for Support from Family & Friends

Maintain a positive yet realistic mindset. Focus on the present, celebrate small victories, and stay hopeful for the future.

12. Maintain Hope & Positivity

Facing cancer requires support, education, self-care, and communication. Seek help, stay informed, prioritize well-being for resilience and hope in recovery.