Personalized Cancer Care At Home: Tailored Support Where You Live

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Understanding the benefits of cancer care at home and the role of caregivers like Madhavi Parikh can significantly improve the quality of life for cancer patients and their families.


Cancer care includes diagnosis, treatment (chemotherapy, radiation, surgery), palliative care, and medications to ease symptoms and improve well-being.

What is Cancer Care?

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Benefits of Cancer Care at Home

1. Comfort and Familiarity 2. Personalized Care 3. Family Involvement 4. Cost-Effectiveness 5. Access to care

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Types of Cancer Care at Home

Medical Care Emotional Support Nutritional Support Palliative Care

1. Doctors, Advanced Practice     Providers, and Nurses 2. Caregivers 3. Nutritionists 4. Therapists and Counselors

Who will Provide Cancer Care at Home?

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1. Physical Care 2. Emotional Support 3. Advocacy 4. Education 5. Respite Care

The Role of a Cancer Caregiver



Madhavi Parikh leads compassionate cancer care at home, emphasizing personalized treatment, support, and hope for patients and families.