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Receiving a cancer diagnosis is a life-changing event. Using an integrative and holistic approach of Cancer Coach, together we can bring back balance and harmony to all aspects of life – medical, social, spiritual, emotional, and physical.

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About Us

What is I-SPIE Health?

SPIE is an acronym that stands for “Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, and Emotional.” In Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’s Four Quadrant Model, these are the interconnected facets of well-being that manifest through the physical body. When these quadrants operate in harmony, we experience an optimal state of well-being. Conversely, when disharmony exists, it can pave the way for disease.

My approach to cancer coaching is rooted in the safe and cohesive integration of conventional medicine with complementary/alternative modalities (CAM), tailored to resonate with your unique needs and those of your caregiver.

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Why Me As a Cancer Coach?

Mission Statement

Living with cancer involves much more than simply understanding the medical issues related to the disease. All aspects of one’s life change drastically and should be addressed.

My mission is simple: to empower patients and their caregivers with the knowledge and support necessary to not just survive but thrive through the challenges of a diagnosis of cancer, its treatments, and beyond.

As a clinical cancer coach, I strive to empower you and your caregivers to make informed decisions and offer ways to integrate the personal and interpersonal while navigating cancer.

I aim to offer compassionate and comprehensive cancer support in a way that nurtures true connection with kind attention towards the self as well as your loved ones.

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How Can My Services Help You?

I can help reduce stress, increase resilience, and promote healing through personalized coaching sessions tailored to your individual needs. Together, we’ll explore techniques and strategies that empower you to manage stress effectively, enhance your resilience against life’s challenges, and foster a healing environment for both mind and body.



By increasing your health literacy and helping you choose your care team and treatment modalities, you become an active participant in your health and well-being.

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By creating an environment of gentle curiosity, mindfulness, and loving-kindness, you will be guided to find inner strength and emotional pliancy.

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By embracing the spiritual, physical, intellectual, and emotional facets of your health, you will be inspired to balance your life and health holistically.

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We committed to giving our best

My clinical cancer coaching services offer personalized guidance and support to individuals currently battling cancer, cancer survivors, and caregivers supporting loved ones with cancer.

Prices For Our Services

60 Minutes $175.00

90 Minutes $225.00

New Client Consultation

In this thorough 90-minute consultation, I will delve into your medical history and listen to your unique needs and concerns. Keeping in mind the Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, and Emotional aspects of your well-being, together we will create a personalized plan drawing from my extensive experience in medical oncology and training in Integrative Oncology, Contemplative Medicine, Mindfulness, and more.

  • Comprehensive 90-minute session
  • Active listening to your concerns
  • Tailored plan for progress


Caregiver Visit

Being a caregiver to a loved one living with cancer can be challenging. This 60-minute session aims to provide the guidance and support the caregiver needs to understand the diagnosis and its implications to get an idea of what lies ahead. We will discuss ways to maintain your well-being during this difficult time and explore the resources available to you on this journey.

  • 60-minute caregiver-focused session
  • Empowerment and guidance for caregivers
  • Balancing self-care and providing optimal support to your loved one


Follow-up Visit

Following your initial consultation, our 30-45-minute follow-up visits are vital in assessing the progress made in your journey. Together, we evaluate the effectiveness of your personalized care plan, address any questions or concerns, and make any necessary changes to enhance your SPIE health. Empowering you with knowledge, support, and self-compassion, I continue to guide you on your journey towards a life well-lived, filled with hope and purpose.

  • 30-minute sessions post-initial consultation
  • Progress tracking and making adjustments
  • Addressing questions and concerns

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with our services. If you
find that your consultation did not provide the value you were seeking, we will refund your
payment without any questions.

$275/325 (For Virtual Vs. In Person)

Companion Visit and Clarity Call

Studies have shown that an active companion during doctor’s visits results in better communication with the medical team and more positive outcomes. As a companion, I can offer emotional support and be a patient advocate during your in-person or virtual appointments, followed by a 30-minute clarity call to discuss the outcomes and address any concerns.

  • Support and advocacy during doctor’s appointments
  • Emotional assistance during visits
  • 30-minute clarity call post-appointment
  • Review outcomes and address concerns
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Who We Are

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Whether you are ready to start working with me or would like more information, schedule your complimentary discovery call now.

During this call, I’ll walk you through my approach to care, addressing any questions you may have. It’s the perfect way to embark on our journey together with clarity, setting the foundation for transformative progress.

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“I am very grateful that I had a chance to meet with Madhavi! I liked the way she presented information about the options out there, and most of all, I appreciated how attentive and genuine she was. ”

–Lisa S

“PA. Parikh is a solid resource for my situation. She appears to be a true leader in her field. I truly enjoy our discussions and look forward to them at every turn!! She has been a fabulous resource for me to work with, and from an Integrative medicine perspective, I wouldn’t want anyone else.”



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Let’s navigate this path together. With empathy and expertise, I am committed to educating and empowering you every step of the way. Your courage is inspiring. Together, we can create a hopeful and healing journey for you and your loved ones.

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