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Navigating Wellness Beyond Treatment

The cure for many diseases is unknown to physicians because they are ignorant of the whole. For the part can never be well unless the whole is well. – Plato

Who is a Cancer Patient Advocate?

A cancer patient advocate’s mission is to empower those affected by cancer – be they the patient themselves, their loved ones, or caregivers. They blend empathy and expertise to help you navigate complex healthcare systems and offer guidance, resources, and a comforting presence during times of uncertainty.

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Navigate Your Path with I-SPIE Health – Patient Advocate

Do you want to be a professional patient forever? Or do you wish to become an architect in your own recovery and healing? With proper nurturing and compassionate care that draws from extensive clinical experience and training in integrative oncology, contemplative medicine, nutrition, breathwork, and more, regain your sense of purpose and set yourself up for health independence from the time of diagnosis through treatment into survivorship and beyond. 

Importance of Advocacy in Cancer Care

A cancer diagnosis does not have to put the brakes on your dreams, aspirations, and life! But navigating this terrain and all that it brings with it can be challenging. While medical intervention focuses on disease management, cancer coaching focuses on bridging the gap that exists in addressing the emotional, mental, and lifestyle factors that also makeup who you are. Clinical coaching is patient-centric and evidence-supported. And, at its core, lies the acknowledgment that the patient knows what’s best for them. 

Why Everyone with Cancer Deserves a Patient Advocate

Emotional and Psychological Benefits

Revitalize your hope, Strengthen your resiliency, and Regain your sense of purpose.

Improved Healthcare Navigation and Outcomes

Receive practical guidance and coping strategies to enhance your healthcare experience and outcomes.

Empowerment of Making Informed Decisions

Make your voice heard and feelings acknowledged in decisions related to your care.

My Services As a Cancer Patient Advocate

Personalized Support

Tailored support to meet your unique needs and preferences.

Patient-centered and evidence-supported.

Navigation Assistance

Improve articulation with your medical team.

Get your questions answered and concerns addressed.

Clinical Liaison

Facilitate and improve communication with your medical team.

Harmoniously integrate conventional and complementary & alternative medicine. 

Integrative & Holistic Care 

Integrate the biology of belief with the biology of disease

Choose actions that honor and empower your true self.

Advocacy and Empowerment

Improve your health literacy and make informed decisions 

Advocate for your rights and access to quality healthcare

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A Personal Message For You

Management of cancer requires seeing the entire body as a whole, one that incorporates all aspects of one’s being – mind, body, spirit, family, community, environment. 

It requires the provider to know the person as a whole and work as a team with all those who will support the patient as they traverse the cancer journey.

By the same token, it requires the individual to accept their diagnosis as a wake-up call, a chance to see that a disease is more than a physical-chemical reaction. And that with the integration of the heart and mind, healing is possible. 

  • Combines oncology, nutrition, and contemplative medicine.
  • Focuses on compassionate, personalized care.
  • Encourages collaboration on patient-centered goals.

Madhvi Parikh – A Cancer Patient Advocate Service Provider


What Others Have Said

For My Cancer Patient Advocate Services

Madhavi was wonderful! I wish I had used this service a year ago. I learned more from her in a one-hour Zoom call than I have learned from my oncologist in the past 3 years. She is very caring and to the point. I have hope now.


PA Parikh is a solid resource for my situation. She appears to be a true leader in her field. I truly enjoy our discussions and look forward to them at every turn!! She has been a fabulous resource for me to work with, and from an Integrative Medicine perspective, I wouldn’t want anyone else.


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Become an architect of your own recovery and healing by creating a model that evolves as you evolve. Make a shift in your mindset, heart set, health set, and soul set, and set yourself up for health independence and health success for the rest of your life.

To learn more about the I-SPIE Health model and approach to care, schedule your free- 30-minute Discovery Call, wherein we will explore how best I can support you or your loved one through your cancer journey.

To support and represent patients in navigating healthcare, ensuring their voices are heard and rights respected.

Another name for a patient advocate is a health advocate. They may also be referred to as patient navigators, patient liaisons, or healthcare advocates, depending on their specific roles and the services they provide.

They assist with understanding medical options, coordinating care, providing support, and navigating healthcare systems.